IRS Audit

You don’t need to face an IRS tax audit alone. I will be your advocate with the IRS.

Being notified of an impending audit can be both frightening and overwhelming.  IRS audits come in three basic varieties: the correspondence audit, the office audit, and the field audit.  I won’t just prepare you for your audit. I will represent you with the IRS.

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Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright

Enrolled Agent

I am an Enrolled Agent in Red Oak, TX authorized to represent you in any matter before the IRS. I do not work for the IRS. I work for you. I stand up for you before the IRS! I help people like you respond do IRS audits, resolve IRS collection issues, plan for upcoming taxes, and prepare complex tax returns. 


I am based in Red Oak, TX, but serve clients throughout the US. I serve individual and small business clients.


Enrolled Agent authorized by the IRS to represent tax payers nationwide.

  •  Masters of Business Administration (MBA) - Texas Tech University
  • Masters of Arts in Technical Communication - Texas Tech University
  • Bachelor of Science - Texas Tech University (Personal Finance, Math, and English )
Enrolled Agent

Enrolled Agents are America's tax experts. They are required to take a comprehensive three part exam and take regular tax related education courses. Each year I exceed the required number of education courses to be certain I am up-to-date on all of the latest changes in tax laws and IRS procedures.

Once I am engaged as your representative the IRS will communicate directly with me.  This will free you to run your business, spend time with your family, and enjoy your life. Learn more about the common types of IRS audits below.

Audit Types

What type of audit notification did you receive?

IRS Correspondence Audit

The notification for a correspondence audit usually arrives as a letter labeled CP2000.  This type of IRS audit is usually triggered by a discrepancy between your income tax returns and records the IRS has received from other sources.  You will have 30 days to provide a response explaining the issues under examination with supporting documentation.

IRS Office Audit

The taxpayer is usually notified of an office audit by IRS letter 3572 or similar notice.  The letter will identify the issues under examination and provide a number to call and schedule an appointment for the audit.  You typically have 10 days to schedule the appointment.  Contact us right away to secure representation before you schedule your appointment.

IRS Field Audit

Field audits are usually done on businesses.  During a field audit a Revenue Agent will usually spend time on-site reviewing your business records.  The bulk of the audit will be conducted at the location where the records are stored.  The records can be at your business or with a representative.  Secure representation as soon as possible when you are notified of a field audit.  This will allow me adequate time to prepare and help to minimize any potential disruption at your business.

IRS Audit Appeal

Sometimes an audit doesn’t go your way. It does not matter if you handle the original audit or you used another representative. If you are unhappy with the results, then we may be able to appeal. During your free consultation I will review the original case and see if there is a reasonable grounds for you to file an appeal. An appeal will be heard by an independent appeals organization within the IRS. In some cases, you may have find information that was not available during the original audit. In that case I would ask for an audit reconsideration. Contact me to find out how I can help you.

I offer full service IRS tax representation services for individuals and small business.  As your representative I work with the IRS on your behalf. As an enrolled agent I am able to represent clients nationwide. If you are facing an audit or collections issue I can help you.  Learn more about just some of the types of cases I can handle for you:

Contact me to day for your free initial consultation.

If you are trying to understand how changes in the tax law caused by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 will affect you or your business I can help you.  I will review your current and previous years taxes and prepare a detailed report on the anticipated changes to your tax situation. If you need to better understand the tax implications of selling your business or other valuable asset I can help you. Reach out today for your free initial consultation.

I prepare tax returns for individuals and small to medium business. Some of the forms I can prepare for you include:

  • Your personal 1040 form along with all of the appropriate schedules.
  • 1065 form including schedule K1s for your partnership or multi-member LLC
  • 1120S for your S corporation
  • Form 709 Gift Tax return
  • Form 706 Estate Tax return
  • Form 1041 Estate Income Tax return

I will also work with you to understand what forms you need to file.  Wondering if you need to file a gift tax return? Reach out for your free consultation.

We will fight for you in your IRS audit

Call us at (972) 521-7800 or fill out the contact form for help.