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Matthew Wright, EA is available to advise, represent and prepare tax returns of individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts or any other entity with tax reporting requirements.

Our Services

We are able to represent and prepare returns for clients nationwide.  We are able to work with you virtually or at your home or place of business if you are located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

IRS Representation

Advanced Tax Services can represent you in any matter before the IRS.  If you have received a notice from the IRS you don’t understand or know you need help with, then we can help you.  We can help you with un-filed returns, IRS collections, and IRS audits. It is important to reach out as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss any important IRS deadlines that would make it more difficult to resolve your case.  These matters can be complicated and stressful.  We can take care of the issues for you and help relieve the stress so you can do what you love.  Your initial consultation is free.

Enrolled agents (EAs) are America’s tax experts. EAs are the only federally-licensed tax practitioners who specialize in taxation and also have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. This means they are unrestricted as to which taxpayers they can represent, what types of tax matters they can handle, and which IRS offices they can represent clients before. Unlike attorneys and CPAs, who may or may not choose to specialize in taxes, all enrolled agents specialize in taxation.

Are most common representation services include:

  • Office In Compromise
  • Penalty Abatement (removal)
  • Installment Agreements
  • Audit Defense
  • Appeals for Audit and Collections

Tax Preparation

Have your personal and business tax returns prepared by an experienced professional who meets stringent IRS requirements for knowledge and continuing education. Enrolled Agents (EA) prepare millions of tax returns each year and their expertise in the continually changing field of taxation enables them to effectively represent taxpayers audited by the IRS.

Advanced Tax Services can prepare your personal or business income tax return.  We include free e-filing with all returns and your payment is not due until your return is complete.  If you are receiving the a refund, we are able to allow you to pay for our preparation services with your refund through a third party banking partner.

We prepare all types of tax returns. Most common for our customers include:

  • Individual Income Tax 1040 (including all schedules like schedule C for sole proprietorships)
  • S corporation form 1120S
  • Partnership form 1065 (for partnerships and multi-member LLCs)
  • Gift Tax Return form 709
  • Estate Tax Return form 706
  • Estate and Trust Income Tax Return form 1041

Tax Planning

Are you going through a significant change in your personal or business life and want to fully understand the tax consequences? Give us a call at (972) 521-7800 for a free initial consultation.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 has led to significant change to the tax code for 2018. For wage earners we can help you ensure your 2018 withholding amounts are accurate. For small business owners there are many changes to consider. Changes you make now may directly influence the amount of tax you pay at the end of the year. We will help you understand important changes like the deduction for qualified business income and how you can best position your business to take advantage of them.

We create tax planning engagements based on your individual needs and the type of advice being sought. This allows us to create surprisingly affordable tax planning projects for many clients.

Our Prices

IRS Representation and Tax Planning

Representation services are billed by the quarter hour.  Typically we will collect a non-refundable retainer before beginning representation.  The total price for services will vary by the complexity of the issues.  Call (972) 521-7800 for your free consultation or use our contact form.

Tax Preparation

Advanced Tax Services charges by the form or schedule for tax preparation services.  Prices for basic individual tax returns (e.g. form 1040) start at $250. For a quote on tax preparation services call (972) 521-7800 or use our contact form.

Our Team


Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright is an Enrolled Agent authorized to represent tax payers in any matter before the IRS.  He has over 10 years of experience helping clients prepare and file federal tax returns.  He has 25 years of experience providing business consulting services to clients large and small.  Matthew hold a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Arts in Technical Communications from Texas Tech University.

Matthew has completed extensive continuing education beyond the IRS requirements for maintaining status as an enrolled agent.  Matthew has completed the National Tax Practice Institutes Level 1 and Level 2 programs on taxpayer representation.  He is a member in good standing of the National Association of Enrolled Agents.

Call Advanced Tax Services at (972) 521-7800 or use our contact form to schedule your free consultation today.

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